3 thoughts on “The Big Middle

  1. I’ve learnt so much in such a short time listening to Susan’s enquiries of her broad range of guests who each have a different and equally fascinating point of engagement with ageing and ageism, it’s been an efficient and enjoyable route to a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities that has made me feel very positive about the future.

  2. Thank you so much Sharon. I’ve learned so much too. There’s no end of topics to explore in this chop-change world of living healthy for longer. As so many of my guests say, we have no idea how to redesign everything to meet the opportunities and challenges of 60-year careers 100-year lives. That only certainty is that figuring it out is fascinating.

  3. As someone who was just a guest on The Big Middle podcast, I can unequivocally state that Susan Flory is an expert interviewer. First of all, she does her homework in advance and thoroughly researches each guest’s interests and efforts. Secondly, she is a careful listener, reflecting back important points and enhancing them. Thirdly, she cares about both her interviewee and her audience, making sure that the pace and flow of the interaction allow for the inclusion of as many important insights as can fit in the designated time frame. And finally, she seeks out those experts who can offer a wide range of provocative perspectives on the “Big Middle” period of the modern lifespan. Her podcast is simply one of the best around.

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