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Established in 2019, Advocates For Ageing - 'AFA' - is a collective of leading activists against ageism.

AFA brings together activists - all experts in their individual fields - to offer unprecedented understanding, insight and analysis of ageism throughout society, and how we can collectively end it once and for all.

Ageism is entrenched into every walk of life, resulting in a common-place fear of getting older. Whilst incremental progress is being made, tokenism, stereotyping, and prejudice continues in every walk of life. And with our ageing society, it is now more vital than ever that we all engage in the conversation around ageing for the sake of today's generations and tomorrow's.

From experts in fashion and beauty, to the workplace and psychology, we are united in our mission to challenge and change the narrative around ageing, with a vision of true age inclusivity and equality.

Because ageing is a privilege, not a punishment.

Contact information:

Email address: advocatesforageing@gmail.com

Location: United Kingdom

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