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Resource: Dear Sir/Madam

Dear Sir/Madam

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Ever lost a job because of your age? Listen to Dear Sir Madam. Written and performed by Kelea, directed by the multi-talented, award winning Robert Woods and featuring the outstanding acting talents of Deborah and Kevin Tengvall of the Merredin Repertory Club, this poignant music video will make you think the next time you press ‘send’. ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ is featured on the West Australian Music “Demos from the Wheatbelt” album 2019. For more info, head to @keleamusic. Available on Spotify, iTunes and all good music platforms. Sound track produced with Rada Studios and WAM. Lighting by Andrew Poole. Hair by Jason Cassidy of Frayed Knot Hair Studio. Special thanks to the Cummins Theatre, Justin Freind, Paul Bousfield and the Merredin Repertory CluIt has been uniquely identified as the only song of its kind in the world (Susan Flory, “The Big Middle” (US), Jan 2020). Kelea was interviewed by Next Avenue (PBS), “The Big Middle” (US) and subsequently featured on high profile financial magazine Forbes.com (US): “You probably wouldn’t think the topic of age discrimination by employers would make much of a song. Well, sit back, relax and watch the poignant video of “Dear Sir/Madam” from Australian singer/songwriter Kelea. Get some tissues first. I was tipped off to the song by a Facebook post about it from anti-ageism activist..Ashton Applewhite. Then, I was so moved after watching the video, I needed to learn the backstory. So, I rang up Kelea — her real name - Kelly Gardner - in Perth and heard out” (Richard Eisenberg (US) Article featured in forbes.com 29 Sept 2019). "Dear Sir/Madam" was featured as a finalist on US compilation album “Songs for Social Change” 2019 (RAWA)

Contact information:

Email address: kellygardner34@gmail.com

Phone: +61 0403 794 984

Website: https://www.kelea.com.au/contact

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