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I am a crone-in-training. I reject ageism and embrace aging (including dementia) as teachers on the journey of life. I work with people and organizations to help them do the same. Will you join me? My journey started with a question, “What better way to learn about life than in hindsight?” Many elders I have worked with are mad, frustrated, sad and bored. These common human conditions exacerbated by years and circumstance. I began to notice those who rejected the process of aging were suffering more than those who embraced it. I became passionate about battling ageism and sharing what dementia can teach us. There is no shortcut or easy answer to alleviate all of the sufferings of aging and dementia. I help alleviate socially imposed suffering and dismantle ageism. My passion for story led me to a career in film, studies in Depth Psychology, and ultimately my work with aging. For the last three years, I have been performing in Dr. Bill Thomas' nationwide ChangingAging tour. Before this, I worked with elders living in long-term care in San Francisco. In 2015 I traveled to all 50 states living in a van the culmination of which was founding a wellness center, Prosper. I blog for multiple platforms and recently published Healing Dementia. I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and I wrote my thesis on the Anti-Aging myth in America.


Fusing art and language I provide dynamic and engaging workshops and speaking engagements that plant the seeds of personal and cultural growth inspiring attendees to change their lives and communities. I have presented at conferences, schools and care communities internationally. I am available to come to your location or to present digitally. See my resumé for example topics and offerings.

$1500 - 5000 per engagement

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