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Tracey Gendron

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Dr. Tracey Gendron is the author of Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End It. With over 25 years of experience as a grant-funded researcher and nationally recognized speaker, Tracey is dedicated to raising awareness and ending ageism through education. She serves as Chair for the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Gerontology and as Director for the Virginia Center on Aging. Tracey has a Master’s degree in Gerontology, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology. Tracey is available for keynote presentations, consulting services to address DEI efforts focused on age inclusivity for organizations and businesses, and as a Technical Advisor for television and film productions. Keynotes and Workshop topics include: Ageism Unmasked - In this discussion, Dr. Gendron explains the foundations of ageism in the modern world and exposes how cultural norms and unconscious prejudice shapes our treatment of others based on their age and ability. Understanding ageism enables us to see that we tolerate, and sometimes actively promote, attitudes and behaviors toward differently aged and differently-abled people that we would reject and condemn if applied to any other group. Ageism - the Missing Element of DEI work -The need for solutions to address ageism and create anti-ageist and age-inclusive environments is increasing. In a 2018 report, the EEOC found that 60 percent of people over 50 have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace, and 90 percent say it is commonplace. Understanding and addressing ageism needs to be a strategic imperative for all organizations. This session translates decades of research on age discrimination into actionable steps on how to overcome the physical, psychological, social, and economic consequences. Generational Bias and the Great Retention - Learn how to create a culture that retains talent. Counter to what you may have heard, the research shows that people thrive in age-inclusive workplaces. Dr. Gendron breaks down the absurdity of generational bias and explains how to capitalize on the benefits of an age-diverse workforce.

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Email address: TG@TraceyGendron.com

Website: https://www.traceygendron.com/contact

Location: Richmond. VA

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