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Resource: Age Without Limits

Age Without Limits

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Age Without Limits is a new campaign from Ageing Better. Launched in January 2024, The Age Without Limits campaign aims to change the way we all think about ageing and support a growing movement of people and organisations working to make society more age-inclusive. Ageism is the prejudice that’s hidden in plain sight. It’s embedded in our society and even accepted as normal by those of us who are older. We see and hear casual ageism every day in the media, on TV, at work, in pubs, on social media, in family conversations. It doesn’t have to be this way. Thinking negatively about ageing and older people has been accepted and ignored for too long. The three-year campaign will use advertising, PR and social media to spark debate and conversation about what ageism is and to challenge the way we all think about ageing. A new website will provide information, tools and resources, including a quiz for the nation to answer the question “Are You Ageist?”. Every year, there will be an opportunity for individuals, organisations and communities across England to join Age Without Limits in a day of action.

Contact information:

Email address: info@ageing-better.org.uk

Phone: +44 020 3829 0113

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