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Podcasting—making audio programs available in digital format—started catching on in 2004. Today an estimated three million podcasts are available on the Internet, including more than 115,000 in English. (As are all the programs that make up this section of the Old School Clearinghouse—please help us change that!) Some of these podcasts are about older voices and aging, others on social justice, others on workplace issues, others on society and culture. The episodes below focus on ageism and how to combat it. They include:

Why ageism is the biggest obstacle to arts education for olders, on Teaching Artistry; shifting attitudes about longer lives on The Big Middle; career challenges for older women and making feminism more age-inclusive, on Bossed Up; why authors and publishers exclude older characters from genre fiction, on Breaking the Glass Slipper; challenging ageism in the advertising industry, on The Campaign; generational divides, on Bristol Unpacked; ageism in tech, specifically at IBM, on Code Newbie; age bias in the asexual community, on The Ace Couple; geriatrician Louise Aronson on ageist stigmas and stereotypes in healthcare, on Elevate Elder Care; barriers to full employment for older women in Britain, on Employment Rights Online; Carl Honoré on recognizing the benefits of aging, on BBC Four Thought; Mac Prichard on overcoming ageism in a job search on Enlightenment of Change; how ageism manifests itself in the event industry, on #Eventicons; ageism and Christianity, on West Church Podcast; what makes ageism so insidious, on Perseverance Overrated with Kewal Kappor; Becca Levy, author of Breaking the Age Code, on KPCW’s The Mountain Life; ageism in Hollywood on Melissa Rivers’ Group Text; marginalizing children, on One Free Family; how ageism affects medicine and medical practitioners, on The Palliators; the challenges and opportunities facing older Americans, on Not Born Yesterday; how ageism affects older adults with cancer, on the Oncology Podcast; what we can learn from indigenous peoples about honoring elderhood, on Seriously Social; rejecting ageist beliefs that poison late life, on Retiree Rebels; members of the Black LGBTQ community discuss aging, on So Much to Say; how systemic ageism works and why we should fear aging less, on Wrinkle Radio; age bias, gender bias, accessibility of services, and barriers to care for an aging population, on The Thoughtful Counselor; and gerontologist Tracy Gendron on ageist language, on Who cares? What’s the point?

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