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Est. 2018

Old School

Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse


Some of these groups focus entirely on ageism: a clearinghouse for all things anti-ageist modeled on Old School and based in Israel; an alliance of creative people using art to challenge ageist language and stereotypes; a European program that bridges science and policy to address ageism in Europe from an interdisciplinary, multi-sectorial perspective; a group that promotes age equity through outreach, education, training, and advocacy; and an organization that uses stories to showcase the diversity of older Britons, expose age prejudice, and find ways to eliminate it.

A sole focus on ageism is a tall order—even we Old Schoolers like thinking about other things! So this section also includes organizations with broader missions, including the human rights of older people around the world; the rights of black, brown, queer and indigenous Americans; age as privilege; mitigating ageism and elder abuse through a feminist and activist lens; helping businesses eliminate age bias in the workplace; and confronting ageism in long-term care and senior living communities. You’ll also find ageism-related research conducted by an international, multidisciplinary network of scholars focused on older workers, including changes in the workplace and individual responsibility for retirement income; and how major gerontological associations in the US are promoting culture change around age and aging.

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